Why would I need a membership?

We designed our memberships to allow clients to have consistent access to DTE services when they need them.

We have two different types of memberships. The first type of membership is our provider access memberships, which provide you with access to our medical team for specialized care, either with a broad spectrum of service options or specifically for the peptide/bioidentical hormone program. The other type of membership is the Rejuvenate Membership, which includes a monthly injection or select IV infusions and a variety of other perks. Whether you are looking to work directly with a provider for customized care or you simply want a monthly pick-me-up, our memberships offer exclusive access within our wellness center.


A membership is required for Total Functional Health and Wellness Care and for Bioidentical Hormone and Peptide Therapies. The reason these services require an access fee is to ensure that clients have full access to their providers, who provide careful monitoring of their progress. Memberships allow us to control our client load and ensure that providers have the time required to provide individualized care for each client.