What are the benefits of our Rejuvenate membership?

The Rejuvenate IV membership allows clients a cost-effective option to stay consistent 

with their IV services. It is nearly impossible to consume the vitamins and minerals 

required for optimal health. Even the healthiest of foods no longer provide the rich 

nutrients they once did. And not only that, but our bodies are not always primed to 

absorb the nutrients at the highest levels. IV therapies provide safe, direct absorption of 

what our bodies need.

The Rejuvenate IV Membership includes a complimentary Tier 1 or 2 IV infusion & 

injection of choice (OR) Tier 3 IV infusion per month; a complimentary pressed juice per 

month; a complimentary Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery (based on availability); a free 

birthday Fuel IV infusion; and access to members only pricing.

This type of membership requires a 12-month commitment, but most clients choose to 

continue their membership after a year because of what a difference the IVs have made 

for their health and wellness.