What are the benefits of direct pay care?

What are the benefits of direct pay care?

There are many benefits to direct pay care including:

More Time with Your Provider 
Our direct pay practice is client-focused, which means our providers provide in-depth consultations. We make sure we schedule appointments to give you true one-on-one attention. This allows you to have a more personalized health care plan. Our focus is quality time and care for our client.

Our direct pay practice is individualized for every person we serve. Which labs and services are recommended differ for every person. However, this does NOT mean costs are confusing. DTE does not hide prices for services, and as a partner in your health care, you can make choices with your providers to get the best, most cost-effective care that is tailored to your needs.

Specialized care
There is no binder in the office that tells us what “every client should do.” There is no general protocol for supplements or IVs or peptides. That kind of approach is popular but can have serious drawbacks. Rather, we work to make sure we know your precise lab information, medical history, and needs before we make recommendations. This means that different patients may pay for different tests, but the results will be as differentiated for you as possible. We strive to make your care more beneficial and ultimately, more cost effective.

Down to Earth Wellness Center accommodates client needs, even if it means having a hybrid approach with in-person or telehealth services and appointments. Many of our supplements and peptides can be shipped directly to our established clients. Of course, some care and services are still only available in person, but we work hard to be flexible.