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Logging in to Your Client Portal Account

Your username and password are set by you when you register online or activate your Client Portal account via an email invitation. It may be your email address or another username that is unique within your provider's client or client population. 

* Note on multiple family members sharing an email address - usernames must be unique. So where multiple family members share an email address, only one of them may use the shared email address as the Client Portal username. To avoid confusion, we generally recommend that none of the family members use the shared email address as the username, but instead each use a distinct, memorable username applicable to each person.

If you forgot your username, you can click the * I forgot my username link to request your username via email (after confirming your information). If you need to change your username, contact the Down to Earth Wellness Center office.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by following the * I forgot my password link, and provided your confirming information.

To protect the security of your personal information, it is very important that you keep your Client Portal login information private!

Help:  I forgot my password/ I forgot my username

To get a reminder of your username via email, or a password reset email as applicable, you'll need to enter your confirming information, which must match exactly what your provider has on file for you:

  1. The email address on file with your provider
    • Troubleshooting note: in rare cases, you may have one email address set as the Client Portal username, while a different email is the contact email on file with your provider; if you suspect this is the case and is causing a problem requesting a username reminder/ password reset, contact the Down to Earth Wellness Center office.
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your last name
  4. Your zip/postal code (in the U.S., first 5 digits only)

When you click the button to submit your information, the system will send an email to the email address that you entered with the username information or password reset (if the system is able to verify your account), or with a message that the system is unable to verify your account.

Unable to Authorize your Account

If, upon submitting your information to request a username reminder or a password reset, you receive an email that says "Unable to Authorize your Account," that means that some of the information that you provided did not match what is on file with Down to Earth Wellness Center, or that your Client Portal access is disabled for your account with the Down to Earth Wellness Center. The body of the email that you receive should provide more specific information.

If the source of the mismatch is fairly predictable - i.e., you recently moved and your provider may have an old zip code on file, or you recently married and changed your last name - you can try going through the * I forgot my username/ password process again with your old information. If you're not sure of the source of the issue, please reach out to the Down to Earth Wellness Center office for more information and assistance.

Not Receiving Email

If, within 15-20 minutes of submitting your information to request a username reminder or password reset, you do not see the requested email, please check your spam/ junk mail folder and/ or search your email for an email coming from do-not-reply@md-hq.com. If you still cannot find it, you can try adding do-not-reply@md-hq.com to your safe senders list and re-requesting that username reminder/ password reset. If you still are having difficulty, you can:

  • Use the contact form on the Client Portal login page to reach out to technical support for the Client Portal software, providing as much detail as possible in your contact form so that we can best assist.
  • Reach out to the Down to Earth Wellness Center office for assistance.