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Can I use insurance at DTE?

As a direct pay practice, insurance is not accepted at DTE. 

However, clients may often submit lab services (excluding specialized functional lab work) to insurance.  These labs are done by LabCorp, NOT by Down to Earth Wellness Center. LabCorp is our laboratory partner that has off-site locations and does accept insurance. If clients choose to send lab work through insurance, the billing will come directly from LabCorp, so clients will need to contact your insurance to determine costs. DTE Wellness cannot determine the cost of labs processed through insurance providers nor can we determine the costs of these off-site lab services.

A discounted cash pay option is available when running lab work. This cash pay fee is paid directly to DTE and would be in place of insurance billing for lab work.

Lab work ordered by DTE practitioners is extensive and thorough. Labs include many markers that are not checked by traditional doctors offices or approved by insurance companies because they are so detailed. Therefore, there may be some labs that insurance companies may determine are not covered. However, the precise lab work is foundational to establishing a full picture and creating a successful wellness plan personalized to clients and their wellness journey.